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You should learn when to go

And again I had to witness a couple that seemed to be happy but their day ended in tears. It’s amazing how fragile is the carcass we see: it looks perfect, stunning, strong and shines like a diamond when suddenly you realize it’s just a piece of crystal that can be shattered into a thousands of pieces… fragile, weak and really thin.

This lovely woman and his boyfriend came with us, a friend and I, to spend a whole day island hopping. We had a lovely time at Salt Island, Norman Island and finally reached Nanny Cay where my friend and I succumbed in the dinghy dead tired. Two hours later we were ready to go back to Virgin Gorda.

But someone didn’t jump in the dinghy. She asked him “Are you coming back with us?” … With no answer. This rhetoric question annoys the hell out of me. Especially when they guy doesn’t respond; he just stared at her and sat there with his friends while we were leaving. Mute. Speechless. A mommy, a statue without soul or personality.

The answer was pretty obvious: Stay and party with his friends while the love of his life is abandoned alone in front of everybody to come back home and do laundry or other stuff. She returned home covered in tears and feeling that she was treated like trash, and of course it wasn’t the first time. All she said she just wanted to be treated like a princess.

And my question for guys who act like this is: Do you want a slave or a princess? Perhaps you passed the passion stage and are happy in that comfortable zone where you grow up your belly until you reach the pregnancy look and just do nothing about you and the relationship you are in. But it’s not your fault, is some women’s fault because at the end of the day they have to love themselves more than you or anybody else. Their mistake was to forget about themselves in order to give you everything in exchange of nothing but ignorance and despise from you. They’ve left friends and family to form one, not to mother you.

This is for all the girls who feel like this, this is not the end of the world, start loving yourselves more and realize that a man has to make you smile not cry. Enough is enough.

December 2013, Winter

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