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December 2013, Winter

Already in my home city hundreds of thoughts and memories come alive, especially these days. I do love the Caribbean and its warm waters but I also crave these endless dark winter nights where the air is so cold and silent that you can perceive the tiny icy crystals glittering in the dark and the Full Cold Moon has an ethereal halo that captures me every time I look at “her”.

Cold, dark, and starry nights.

Trees are dormant and naked projecting distorted shadows with their twisted branches in the wet ground. Ancient churches wait patiently in the bare meadows covered in snow, calm, and reminding me that they have seen centuries of history while keeping secrets hidden within their medieval walls of cold thick stone.

I love walking in the woods. I can barely notice an animal; all of them are either hibernating or gone, except a lonely wolf that I know for sure, is miles away. Solitude. Dry branches snap under my feet wounding the frost silence. Ancient oaks surround me whispering secrets to the fragrant pines; the wind blows within them murmuring a familiar howling sound. My favorite time of the day is coming, twilight; soon the invisible fairy people will be awake to dance under the moonlight.

Breathing this thick and icy air makes me feel more alive than ever, the cold nights are limpid with the most beautiful shimmering skies; the stars shine like diamonds, glittering and illuminating the gloomy night. Orion, the mighty mythological hunter, lies right in the middle of the winter sky and it leads to a beautiful cluster of stars known as the Pleiades, the seven sisters.

One day I will be able to capture all these stars with my camera, in the meantime I try to do it with words although no words can describe this beauty and happiness.

I said yes of course

I said yes of course

You should learn when to go