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What an amazing year we all had! Puerto Rico has been pumping waves non stop since September when Earl and Igor made their visit creating the best swells of the year. An epic event took place on the island making history with Kelly Slater winning his 10 World Title at The Rip Curl Pro Search 2010. We witnessed the most extreme and intense moments we could ever had in the CT: Andy Irons death left the surf community in tears and surprised. 

Wildcard Dylan Graves represented us with an amazing performance at The Rip Curl Search Pro 2010. The 10 world champion Slater competed against Dylan, and our wildcard showed a fierce surf making Kelly sweat his fins off. I worked on the Search and I had a blast. Brian Toth´s amazing surf was captured, luckily for the whole world, by the photographer DJ Struntz from Surfing Magazine, making Tothy earning three spreads in the July issue “Brian Toth´s Heart Bleeds For Puerto Rico”. Congrats for both of you boys!

I went to Spain and spent the whole summer there. My sister´s wedding was amazing and we celebrated their love since the day I arrived in May. Sanfermines 2010 were unforgettable! The previous moments of “El Chupinazo” are one of the best feelings in the world. When we scream “Viva San Fermín! Gora San Fermín!” my blood is full of adrenaline and pride and I feel my homeland Navarra through my whole body, a similar feeling of catching a wave.

After great days of partying we sailed to Formentera and Ibiza aboard Geppa. Surfing in Biarritz was a blast, getting smashed by bombing waves was hardcore, those beach breaks of cold water are too heavy metal for me, and surfing with a wetsuit… well, that´s another story, it sucks. Days later I managed to surf some waves at Plage des Basques, Biarritz. Finally! Wohoo!!! I say if you surf those waves, you are able to surf almost everywhere. Zarautz… what could I say… Beautiful surf village. Waves for everybody, awesome food and breathtaking landscapes. Making mojitos with Vicky at the Mármol with Draki and Martín was awesome. We mashed it up big time and  I can´t wait to do it again! I miss you guys!

I started kitesurfing in Puerto Rico with my good friend Art and my friends from the North Sound, Virgin Gorda. I went to California and surfed there on different locations! Thanks Art and Bebe! We have to do it again! More bombing waves were surfed at Manhattan Beach. This time I surfed those heavymetal waves with a paddleboard and it was very easy; surfing with a paddleboard is like cheating but I love it too. My good friend Art broke the paddleboard in two, those bombing waves are fierce! After that I went to San Onofre, Malibu, Cardiff, and Dana Point and I did some longboarding, that was mellow and nice. I love California.

The weekend trips to the West with Ricard and the boys are unforgettable. Every time I cross the Tunel de Minillas is a feeling of freedom which means: surfing, friends and living life every second. I love having breakfast a The Carey, eating sushi at Pedro´s or going to Machete Rojo to have some fish tacos ending the night mashing it up with my friends after a great day on the waves. The outer reefs, Isabela, Aguadilla and Rincón are in my heart!

Puerto Rico has been rediscovered. All the pro surfers loved being there and surfed on different locations. Some of then compared Puerto Rico with Hawaii. We may don´t have a Pipe but we do have a heavy metal Chatarra, and some other waves I´m not gonna mention. We do have our puertorican boys and girls ripping it up and leaving their traces  on the media. Step by step Puerto Rico is sealing its name on the surfing world. Congrats to Surfcaribe, Mundo Rad, Surfspot Magazine and all the puertorican media who keeps working to show us the best of our surfers.

After The Search I went to Virgin Gorda and stayed there for a month. I visited Tortola and made new friends and discovered new places and new surfing spots! I downsized from a 7´4 to a 6´4! Finally! I still have a lot of progress to do but what a feeling! I won´t forget that day on Apple Bay, thanks Chris! That day was super green!

Finally, I spent Christmas with my family back in Spain. I hibernated like a bear and enjoyed a month of literally resting and some partying. I left my home city and it is always hard, especially with Alejandra, my soulmate, but I have to continue my journey and my dreams and goals. So here I am again back in Puerto Rico ready to surf, kite, write, dive and do all the things I love feeling really blessed to have the best family and friends of the world! Love you!

A great night with Erika Peña

He still makes me laugh