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The trip that changed my life… forever

This is my little diary of my sailing trip throughout the BVI´s a year ago. I will always remember the phone call that changed my life forever. My boss and friend Javier called me on a Wednesday night at the end of November of 2009 telling me that I had to fly to Virgin Gorda. I was kind of surprised and rejecting the idea. Finally, I packed my things and flew there. I was supposed to stay three days and I ended up staying longer: two weeks.  And since then I try to go every month.

I never ever thought that I was gonna meet great friends and live things that would changed me forever, or made me discover who I am even more.

Sophisticated Lady. Monday, December 7, 2009

We departed from Tortola to the beautiful Jost Van Dyke. The ocean and wind were calm and allowed me to enjoy a tranquil and placid sailing that made me sleep for a while. Stress, preoccupation, pollution, noise, cars, angry people, concrete monsters… all GONE, vanished into the Caribbean Sea. Finally, I have time for myself and to smile while remembering my first and wonderful memories of this trip that started at Leverick Bay and its wonderful people, surrounded by emerald islands in a turquoise azure sea.

We stopped at Diamond Cay. Crystal and calm water was waiting for us surrounded by lazy waves flanked by coral reefs, some goats pacing around the island, the pelicans having the time of their lives eating a school of fish trying to run away without any luck, and a white sandy beach crowned by a great bar; Foxy’s Taboo. We had dinner at Taboo’s. The food was delicious, spicy flavors, mouthwatering salads, juicy fish, spectacular ceviche, hummus, please order the Painkiller or Bushwacker, tropical drinks made with dark rum, coconut milk, orange, baileys and other flavors, and the nutmeg at the top of the drinks makes the Painkiller unforgettable.

I was stargazing the black velvet sky amazed by it’s millions of stars glittering like diamonds when a large blue shooting star crossed the sky for me, it´s time to make my wish and go to bed.

Sophisticated Lady, Tuesday, December 8

After a great bath in the “Little Baths” of Jost Van Dyke (that’s how Nicki called them) where we spent some time in the beautiful natural Jacuzzi made of volcanic rocks and sea water that comes across the big stones sizzling and making blue bubbles we sailed to Cane Garden Bay, Tortola.

Down there we left the boat moored in the turquoise waters and went to Myett’s Beach Bar. My feet were happy when they touched the silky sand, white enough to maintain itself safe from the sun remaining cool enough to walk barefoot. We watched the sun hiding under the emerald mountains and pink clouds making the afternoon unforgettable while we were drinking our refreshing and flavorful tropical drinks. The smell of burning wood made the ambiance more tropical. Some guy grabbed his guitar and started playing nice songs, and some Rastafarian named Shadow accompanied him with his particular sense of rhythm. When I was done with my local beer Carib I couldn’t help myself to go and play with Shadow, his Rastafarian partner, and the guy with the guitar.

When we were back at the ship I didn’t see my bluish shooting star but all the glittering lights at the end of the vessels’ masts made the night sky magical enough.

Wednesday, December 9

From Cane Bay we headed to Normand Island, Treasure Island. I did some snorkeling at The Indians; it was windy but not enough to stop me from enjoying several tropical fish, sponges, and corals. The sea fans were happy moving along with the currents. Purple, yellow, red, orange, all those colors were the perfect set up to this magical place.

After this great snorkeling we sailed to The Bight, Norman Island, were we spent the night. We had a few drinks at Pirate’s Bight. The wind was howling and moving the sea surface enough to make the little dinoflagelates (bio-luminescence) glow making me feel that I was between stars, literally. Orion, the archer, raised through the night sky behind the black mountains of Norman Island and reminded me that although we are at the Caribbean and I’m wearing a soft cotton shirt it’s still winter. Nicki, Clint and I spent hours playing this funny game called Mexican train or something like that, and we laughed a lot under the stars while Rick was sleeping already. I was begin for my shooting star when she crossed the sky, this time yellow-whitish but big, with personality. Time to go to bed with a huge smile in my face.

Thursday, December 10

After a great breakfast we arrived at The Caves, Norman Island. More snorkeling; rocky reefs, caves, more corals, sponges, numerous tropical fish, butterfly, parrot, angel, blue tan… A pair of young groupers were chillin´ at the same spot where I left them. A turquoise cowfish caught my attention and I followed him without any effort. I wish I had a water camera. The caves amazed me; I tried to picture the pirate vessels in these waters full of natural treasures.

We sailed again and arrived to Cooper Island. This time the snorkeling was different: sea grass covered the button of the sea. What can I expect? I jumped into the water and saw a few stingrays pacing peacefully into the sea grass ignoring my presence. I continued swimming when I first saw a barracuda. Ok. It’s not too big. Later a great barracuda crossed my way. Ok, it’s just another one, but bigger. More stingrays. They moved the sand floor making these cute little sand clouds that break off into the crystal water making easier to notice their presence because it comes with a little sandy cloud that lasts for a while.  I went to a small beach and relaxed contemplating the beautiful scenario; sailing boats, the adjacent islands, felt really blessed, and went to the water again. It’s so peaceful that I could swim for hours, two big great barracudas passed next to me, they didn’t pay attention to me, good. A four feet stingray came to me and I was so happy and felt so lucky to see for the first time a big sting ray like that… I ended my day smiling at the stars while the cool Caribbean breeze moved the hammock I was in.

Friday, December 11

We stopped at The Baths. Great snorkeling was waiting for me there. I made the small trail to Devil’s Bay, and after that we headed back to Leverick Bay.

Two rainbows were pointing at Leverick Bay on our way back home. Home. What a big word to describe a place that I just met a few days ago; their people and the place itself make me feel like I already belong over there.

Of course we didn´t miss the famous Jumbies, and the great barbecue that takes place everyday Friday night. I saw some people I met the Friday before and had a great time. Nick and Monica, Alex and Digsy, Alex, John, Germán, Joel, Kate, Alex, Steve, Soren, Mike, Haile, Hanger, Westy and more…

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tortola, Trellis Bay. Our last day. I had the Awesome Flying Fish Sandwich at Cybercafe, yummy! That night we had a great meteor shower: the Gemini’s. The perfect setup to end a wonderful journey, a beautiful goodbye to our lovely honey moon couple. Nicki, Clint, Rick and I had a great time laughing while watching the bluish shooting stars. I will always remember that night: shooting stars in the middle of the Caribbean on a sailboat with cool people.

Thank you Javier after a year of ups and downs at the end you proved that you are a great friend. Thank you Rick for being such a friend, I´m happy for you and all the good things in your life! 

He still makes me laugh

They wanna be adored