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Shittyland. Feb 2011

What is a misunderstanding? Misconception between two people or more. This is the first explanation that comes out of my mind. But it can go way deeper, darker and really annoying. The lack of communication or misconceptions creates this dense atmosphere that grows bigger resulting in a twilight zone of disagreement, dissension and a black hole of craziness. When you reach that point it is time to move on and forget about it.

It is funny how things can suddenly change your mind making you feel so bad in a matter of seconds. Suddenly the crystal where you were in got shattered bursting into thousands of tiny pieces letting you feel hopeless and unprotected: like being the only one without a mask in a masquerade ball.

If it is hard when two people try to communicate and one of them can’t even make the effort to understand your point of view, imagine the same situation with several people located on different places: a freaking nightmare. Being empathy should be a must for everybody. That way we could avoid a lot of problems and silly arguments.

Infinite misunderstands take place on this planet in our every day’s lives:

When you order a cup of coffee and you get tea instead.

A misunderstanding happens when you are open and transparent and other people are shady and dark.

A misunderstanding takes place when your couple flirts with somebody else, doesn’t recognize it, and tries to make you look like the crazy and paranoid bitch.

A misunderstanding occurs when you are single and have a lot of male friends and you are judged for that.

When you accept criticism and other people don’t, or the opposite.

A misunderstanding can happen when you are done with your task, other people don’t finish theirs, and you get the blame for it.

A misunderstanding occurs when some people confuse being natural and genuine with being flirty and a whore.

A misunderstanding pops out when you don’t understand silence.

When some other girl in front of you kisses your husband’s friend and “it was nothing” and we exaggerate reality.

Misunderstanding begins when other people’s minds are sick.

Where misunderstanding serves others as an advantage, one is helpless to make oneself understood, by Lionel Trilling. I just love this one.

When fear and insecurity make people act offensive and defensive.

When you are judged because the way you dress, like in Mordor where it is a crime to wear beautiful boots, tight pants and cool t-shirts; suddenly the Orcs and Trolls go crazy because they prefer women living under medieval traditions.

When you listen to Black Sabbath and people think you are suicidal or adore the Devil.

When some people mistake being good and generous with a slave who you can ask millions of favors from.

And a vast Etc.

Have you ever felt that you have to explain everything you do in order to avoid misconceptions? It is exhausting; it drains your energy so bad that it is not worth it. There are some crazy moments in life where you feel like Alice in Shittyland instead. It is like being trapped inside weird concave mirrors that distort reality and don’t let you get out of them.

But there is always a new star being born. Somehow the Universe makes genuine people clash into each other, crossing our paths and making our lives easier and more beautiful. That way the amount of misunderstands diminishes and practically disappears turning into nothing. So, after some misunderstandings it is time to say up yours or “a cascarla”.

When a Dark Knight, a truly friend, rescues you in time, takes you far away making you happier under millions of glittering stars, and tells you “don’t you ever change” it is when I remember that all the good things I have in life surpass the bad ones making me realize how happy and blessed I am for the family and friends I have.

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