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My Search at The Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico 2010. Oct 28- Nov 8

Kelly and Andy reached immortality with extreme victory and tragic loss.

The most intense and extreme days the CT had ever witnessed are over. How odd is the universe that plays with you in invisible ways to place you where you were meant to be. Maybe our actions lead us where we want to be, maybe destiny plays a role using tricky twisted ways in order to bring us together, or maybe we are just connected by an invisible and silvery bind that make people like us surfers, free spirit, and passionate, cross our paths in this life.

I wanted to go to the BVI’s, just for a couple of days, to see some friends who live there and come back for the CT. My friend Ricard told me ‘you can’t leave, you have to stay for the CT the whole time’, and he was right. Destiny made me met these two cool guys who happen to live in Australia and work in the surf industry. We had some beers, we chatted, we connected, and I ended up working for them at The Rip Curl Pro Search. I was living the dream.

Absolute happiness accompanied me the whole Search, except for some tragic moments. I was writing about surfing, I watched the best surfers in the world surfing the most intense heats: I saw wildcard Dylan Graves on fire against Adrian “Ace” Buchan and later on Round 3 against Kelly, Dane Reynolds was incredible destroying the waves with an impressive surfing, Taj Burrow’s performance was amazing with a Perfect 10 for charging one of the deepest barrels of the Search with its following three implacable turns, I saw Kelly and Steph making history, and unfortunately I felt Andy’s loss really close, and for two days, Middles was quiet, covered in silence with grey clouds, and mourning the loss of a hero.

Two of the best surfers in the world made history in the most contradictory ways: Slater claimed the Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico and his 10X ASP World Title securing immortality, while Irons passed away leaving his legacy forever within hollow hearts and empty souls whom from now on have to learn to live without him.

The surfing world is not going to be the same, ever. Bittersweet moments haven been within us everyday; Andy’s ultimate departure shocked the whole surfing community shaking our souls with surprise, denial and absolute sorrow.

I just want to share My Search:

I was lucky to be surrounded by my best friends, fortunate that I surfed with them, that I worked with the best and I do what I love, blessed that I witnessed the best surfing in the world, that I met cool people, and sadly to say, I got to live these extreme and conflicting moments, sadness and happiness came together in the most two mind-blowing and opposite ways: Andy’s forever farewell and Kelly’s victory.

Farewell Andy, have some good barrels wherever you are now