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Me? Just a princess, my kingdom: Navarra

One day a friend of mine told me I was a princess. When I watch this video of my homeland the Kingdom of Navarra, yes indeed, I feel like a princess and several times I ask myself what the hell I’m doing here. Oh, yes I remember, I want to explore the world but I miss my homeland where the forests have life, the fairies and our Goddess Mari, (Goddess Earth), the Baxajaun (Lord of the Forests), a heritage of our Celtics invasions, Druids in another countries, used to protect our harvests and animals murmuring within the hollow threes. I love my beautiful land where the mist covers the peaks of the mountains sneaking between the pines, oaks and fir woods allowing the invisible entities to do what they want until the Romaine Empire came and founded Pompaelo, 75 B.C., the basquenavarres fought the Visigoths, and Christians nucleus appeared scattered into the land to fight against the Muslim presence. Carlomagno came later, and finally the Kingdom of Navarra got Christianized during the X century erasing our traditions and pushing our Faie Folk into the mists…

Navarra: land of kings. Medieval castles cover our mountains, meadows and valleys. Fortresses around the cities and villages protect them from ancient battles. Romain ruins linger as a glimpse of our past, as a trace of our history filled with combats. Basque traditions remain in our villages, cities, people and mountains forever as a reminder of who we are and where we are come from. Peaceful monasteries and convents prevail intact with their monks and nuns praying, reading, writing and guarding ancient books while they make hearty strong liquors and luscious pastries and sweets.

Robust oaks hide legends and ancient secrets, circle of mushrooms make their apparition in fall when the autumn equinox marks the beginning of a beautiful season when our forests turn gold, orange and red, the air gets cooler, the animals start saving the food and the entire woods get ready for the winter. It is vintage time; our bursting grapes are ready to produce tasty wines and the medieval city Olite shines brighter than ever. The days are getting shorter, long and cold nights take over slowly and silently making their presence stronger. The bright Sunlight weakens turning pale while the dark gains power every day. The mists cover the mountains while glowing and silent snowflakes start hiding the glittering stars. But sometimes, in the coldest and cloudless nights the shimmering archer shines in the darkest firmament covered with silvery and scintillating stars remembering us that we are still in winter. The air is chill, fresh and filled with tiny icy crystals that glimmer in the silent dark like glittering diamonds. The howling winds possess the nights while the shepherds are inside their houses scared mistaking them with packs of hungry wolves menacing to hunt and devour their defenseless cattle.

But the spring always comes back with blossoming flowers and fresh mornings. The flourishing green leaves shine like tiny diamonds thanks to the morning dew. Lambs, horses, goats and cows peace calmly in the fresh green meadows, the trees are alive, and cereals like wheat, and vegetables like asparagus are ready to harvest. The Kingdom of Navarra celebrates summer solstice with burning fires that break into the shortest night of the year and their fierce red, yellow and orange sparks fly towards the scintillating stars while the witches of Zugarramurdi dance inside their beloved caves the iniquitous Akelarre. We burn the old and used to welcome the new and fresh. Thunders and lightning storms break frequently the hot nights bringing us fresh and cool air. The txistus, flutes, drums and bagpipes melodies fly into the wind taking over the villages and mountains while their natives dance happy marking the upcoming celebration of all: The Sanfermines of Pamplona.

I will fly soon to join my beloved family and friends. Together we will laugh, have fun, go out, savor our great food and wine in incredible restaurants, explore the wilderness, and we will live one of the best feelings in the world: when being Navarrian gets resumed in an unbelievable sentiment of proud, happiness, love, joy, excitement, with my people, my blood and the authenticity that characterizes us, raw, strong, spontaneous, genuine and real, all these emotions are resumed in one special and unique moment that we wait a year to live again and again: el Txupinazo, the Sanfermines of Pamplona. Yes, I am a princess and the kingdom where I belong is my magical and unique the Kingdom of Navarra.

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Yo, una princesa. Mi Reino, Navarra.