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Island Hopping in BVI!

What a great week I had! I’ve been delaying my trip back to Virgin Gorda waiting for my paycheck (that’s another story). After a month and half waiting for my money I decided to pack my things and go back to visit my friends in Virgin Gorda. I was supposed to fly with Octavio, but he didn’t have his passport  with him. Bummer. The plane got delayed and I missed the North Sound Express from Tortola. I was gonna get ready and wait for the next one having some lunch at Cyber Cafe, Trellis Bay, when I heard my name from the dock. Surprise! Alex Yates, the chef from The Restaurant, Leverick Bay was there! I was very happy to see him and we went back to Leverick Bay on his boat. I went straight to the Beach Bar where Mike, Kelly, Angie, Trev, Nick, Digsy, Nick and Bob were having their lunch and I joined happy to be back home again. It feels like home, really. I had an excellent duck salad, fresh and juicy, I love the food from The Restaurant. During the day you have several options to choose from: Asian, Mediterranean, West Indies, North American…

I spoke with German. He was going to celebrate his birthday at Chez Bamboo, Spanish Town. Maria and Jon came to the Beach Bar and I was very excited to see them. We went home and went back later to the Beach Bar. The Restaurant’s barbecue was ready: all the food was beautifully displayed, tourists and locals were having dinner while they waited for the Jumbies to come! The Moko Jumbies are stilts dancers. Their origins come from the West Africa tradition brought to the Caribbean. They wear colorful clothes and the name comes from a possible reference to an African god. You can see them every Friday night at Leverick Bay. Westy, John, Sacha and more friends came to Leverick. After partying all together we headed to Chez Bamboo to celebrate German’s birthday. I was very happy to see my lovely girlfriend Kate, Mr. K, Sam, Sacha, Elise, and of course my dear friend German! We had a great time! Kate and I, as always, danced together. We did our silly funny dance and laughed a lot!! I love Kate she is the best! Went back to sleep. Woke up at German’s. Unfortunately his girl Angela, couldn’t join us for the next adventure. German cooked a great breakfast and we went to Little Dix Bay, where he works, and Michelle was waiting for us. The sweet Fabia from Bitter End came with Sacha and he drove the boat heading to Jost Van Dyke! Cool! The day was perfect, blue sky, sunny, the ocean was flat and there was almost no wind. Crystal waters, turquoise, blue, and dark blue colors were scattered throughout the Caribbean Sea while we flew between the British Islands. We arrived to Jost Van Dyke and went to the Soggy Dollar, famous by its painkillers, a rum cocktail made by orange juice, coconut cream, dark rum and nutmeg on top. People say that the painkiller was originally invented at the Soggy Dollar Bar. Here, there is no dock, so the usual way in is to swim. Of course, your dollars get wet, and then we have a name,  the Soggy Dollar Bar! The ambience was perfect: young people, good music, yummy food, painkillers and lots of fun! We had some juicy and delicious Chicken Roti at the beach, although Roti comes from India, Central India and Western India, and its a flat bread, this dish is very popular in the Caribbean. Chicken Roti is made with juicy chicken, potatoes, curry, carrots and chickpeas served in a wrap with mango chutney sauce. We laughed  and had our painkillers in the warm crystal waters.

Next stop: The Willy T at Normand Island!

The Willie T is a boat anchored at Norman Island, in the BVI. This ship named after William Thornton, and is believed to be the legend site of “Long John” Silver’s treasure trove as written in Robert Louis Stevenson’s book, Treasure Island. Remember that piracy was a major part of Caribbean history in the 17th and 18th centuries, and Norman Island (said to be named for a pirate) does indeed have a piratical past. Michelle was singing, Fabia was dancing, German, Sacha and I were having some drinks and we had a blast. People were dancing, jumping, drinking, and singing. The afternoon was amazing and the blue waters that surrounded us could not be any more transparent!

Of course I had to have my first body shot! I had a body shot from Michelle’s belly! And later, a cute guy was about to jump in our boat when, after asking him anticipating what was going to happen “You need a hand?”, he fell on his ribs. Ouch! I think he got at least one or two ribs broken. He did not complain and we went back to the boat where I had my first body shot. Well, he had his body shot from me! That was fun! We jumped and jumped from the top of the boat with these guys from the Castaway Girl, and had a tons of fun.

We went back to Virgin Gorda and ended the day eating some juicy and delicious fish tacos at Saba Rock, in The North Sound. Saba Rock is a beautiful island resort, located at the North Sound of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, where you can have your meal contemplating the beautiful North Sound surrounded by the Bitter End Yacht Club, Eustasia Island, Prickly Pear, and Virgin Gorda.

The next day we did some snorkeling. Maria, Jon, Sacha and I went to Mountain Point and snorkeled some astonishing caves down there. Then, we decided to go to Salt Island and see The Wreck of the Rhone! On October 29, 1867, the 310′ Royal Mail Steamship, “Rhone” arrived at Peter Island and was anchored off Dead Man’s Bay when a hurricane decided to visit the islands. Their anchor dragged and broke free from its holding. As was normal practice at the time, the passengers in the Rhone were tied into their beds to prevent them being injured from the storms on the seas. It is said that 128 passengers were onboard and only 8 bodies were recovered from the waters. The wreck of the Rhone is one of the most popular dive sites in the British Virgin Islands and the ship is still in very good condition. What an incredible feeling! We were snorkeling at the surface but The Rhone was clearly visible, some divers were doing their tour making huge curtains of bubbles. There it was, a humongous ship broken in pieces were a couple of centuries ago people died hopelessly due to a huge an unmerciful hurricane. A cemetery in the middle of the blue Caribbean waters. I can’t wait to be back and dive over there!

The next day I went diving with Dive BVI to the Seal Dog Islands. The Dog Islands are a group of inhabited islands named for the barking sounds of an extinct Caribbean seal, located on northwest of Virgin Gorda. Soren, from Dive BVI, was my diving guide and I was happy diving between some barracudas lurking around, cow fish, blow fish, a happy green sea turtle, butterfly fish, angelfish, triggerfish, parrotfish, trunkfish, trumpetfish, you name them, among the fire corals, brain corals, sponges and purple sea fans oscillating peacefully with the current.

After a great dinner at The Restaurant, Leverick Bay, we went to the Monday night Mash-Up at the Bitter End. German, Kate, Maria, Jon, Mr. K, Fabia, Giles, Sacha, Elise, Francesca, her bf, and I had a great time. I wanted to see Scott, from Carib Kiteboarding, and he was asleep. I wanted to go myself and wake him up, but I wasn’t sure when the sweet and fun elf Kate decided to come with me to wake him up. We entered silently into his crib while he was asleep when suddenly, in his dreams he felt our presence and screamed! He decided to join us, he had no options!

The next day my friend Juan invited me and we had a delicious afternoon in Aquamare; a private enclave of three luxury villas, situated on Mahoe Bay facing Sir Francis Drake Channel in Virgin Gorda, BVI’s. Infinity pool, spectacular sunset, excellent food and great friends. Mahoe Bay is one of the most beautiful bays I have ever seen. Mahoe Bay is a serene stretch of sand protected from the current of the Sir Frances Drake channel by two reefs. The sand is white and it feels like you are walking on a velvet rug. Luxury and private villas are scattered throughout this piece of paradise.

My journey ended with Kate’s boyfriend birthday. He was celebrating his birthday and as I always do,  I decided to stay more time. We celebrated his birthday at Rendez Vous, Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor and shared a great time. Painkillers and drinks were flowing around and none of us wanted to leave! Sacha was ready to leave, and we thought we had our ride back figured it out and solved, when at the end, thanks to Sacha’s patience, he drove us back home because we had no ride! Thanks for your patience Sacha!

I had a wonderful week, I love my friends, and at the end, paradise it is not paradise if you are not with the right people.

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