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I pack my case...

I love the Killers since the first time I listened to them. I was driving back home, happy and full of energy, after a nice morning session at the Punta Las Marias reef when this song popped up on the radio. One big chapter of my life is about to be finished forever on may 14, 2010. You, my friends know about what I’m talking. Once again these lyrics are the mirror of all my adventures, hopes, love, sadness, disappointments, happiness, and relationships. We made a vain attempt to save the relationship with no results. The song says:

I know if destiny’s kind, I’ve got the rest of my mind.
But my heart, it don’t beat, it don’t beat the way it used to.
And my eyes, they don’t see you no more.

True. With a little bit of sadness about that statement, the hole that pierces my stomach and makes me want to cry is suddenly substituted by an adrenaline rush that invades my body and makes me think about the unknown future, the freedom, and me. I make the decisions, I do what I want, and my life is about to change once again to something better! I feel it! I can’t be seated in the dark crying because the sad things that happened to me. I have to be positive and smile, I know life will smile me back! I see all the great things I have and achieved, and I’m taking those with me leaving the dark moments in the past, letting them fade away like the will-o’-wisp in the sunrise.

Ironically, I finished working with the dictator I used to work for, which is really great. It is incredible to taste this freedom again with nobody on top of you trying to make you feel like shit every day.

With this song playing on the radio, a bunch of feelings appeared in my stomach: adrenaline, freedom, happiness, the excitement about what is going to happen next, my travel to Spain, Carla’s wedding, and all the new adventures that are waiting for us.

I cannot wait to be back in Pamplona and enjoy every minute with my loved ones!

And now, I’m gonna start packing case, I have lots to do and tons of new things to live!

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