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He still makes me laugh

I love Sex on the City. I have been watching this show since it started more than a decade ago, and I decided to watch the second movie tucked in my bed when I had nothing else to do. Once again I enjoyed these four beautiful and different ladies living their own adventures, anecdotes and feelings. I pictured myself and my friends on their different situations. I´m sure every girl on this world has something in common with these characters. And then, the subject I fear the most made its appearance on the movie: monotony. I wasn´t sure about the title of this post until the other night; when my sister and her husband had dinner with some friends.

One of them told me that he reads my posts. Thank you! Althought he doesn´t agree with me when it comes to my criticism of society. He told me he is very happy living his life with his wife and children and I see that. Picture a group of friends since high school; almost all of them are married, they have fun, they enjoy life, and they smile. I told him not everybody is like them. Some people are trapped as I wrote on my other post.

Afraid of routine? Millions of husbands watching tv, wives cooking, same days, babies crying, children playing, no time for you, same job since the beginning of mankind, and the adults forgetting who they were every second.

Sex on the City 2 shows part of this scary scenario on a beautiful scene, but it is the same scenario still: When the sparkling fades away and becomes a shadow. You have to work on the sparkle. Yes, you do if you don´t want to end being a shadow of what you used to be. When you are with somebody you always loose something from you, always. In a relationship there is a fine line where your individuality can turn blurry and disappear. Sometimes it is difficult to be you and please your loved one at the same time. Sometimes your loved one wants you to behave differently unless you have this person who loves you the way you are: raw and unspoiled, like an unpolished crystal, and doesn´t want to change you.

I just love this movie. I was laughing when I watched some scenes where I saw myself years ago. We, humans, share the same arguments, the only different things are the circumstances and scenario: Dior or Mc Queen are substituted by other brands instead. My sister told me on a saturday night how happy she was when her husband woke her up the other day with the perfect breakfast: coffee, toasts, sandwiches, pastries, juices, and love! There is no better way to start your day but with the perfect breakfast: the best meal of the day. I´m not saying you have to do this everyday. When you force yourself into something the magic disappears. But do not forget the magic, the sparkle, the fairy dust or whatever name you want to use for that, remember that starting the day with a beautiful smile will mark the rest of the journey. It is just that simple and complicated at the same time.

When you give up the things you love and you notice it is not reciprocal the list of complaining and reproaching starts. This endless battle it is like digging in the dark; you never find out the light or the answer, you just get lost on the way with all the blaming and disapproval. And the decadence begins, some people stay on this purgatory and some people don´t. And some people do things with pleasure for their loved ones and find a way on this difficult journey where they can be themselves still.

A lot of persons take their soulmate for granted and start paying zero attention to them and themselves, and the monotony begins like a black hole sucking you into the Nothing. Men grow their bellies, women forget to maintain themselves beautiful, and you become a shadow of what you used to be.

Don´t forget who you are, what you like and what you used to do. Sometimes we expect things in return, nothing happens and the reproaching begins. Every couple has their own recipe. You create your own rules or you´re dead.

And then, that night after dinner my friend´s wife said with a big smile on her face while she was looking at him: “ We have been together 18 years and he still makes me laugh”.

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