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Broke and Divorced

I´m sick of weddings. It´s a plague. We have to spend thousands of euros or dollars  in dresses, gifts, bachelorette parties, dinners, lunches, weight clinics, and a visit to the psicoanalist to hear from him that you are not an alien but a normal person…

Today I asked myself, why don´t we make welcome divorceés parties? Instead of doing bachelorette parties let´s do the opposite! A huge party for all the divorceés who spent their lifes with a man who suddenly disappears without asking if you are alright or need something.

Picture yourself spending years without buying your favorite creams, books, clothes, and boots; it´s a huge sacrifice in order to have all the bills paid at the end of the month for nothing! Sharing a bank account means trouble; you always find your man spending money playing Poker, Black Jack, drinking, or who knows what, they live day by day without worrying about the future, they already have somebody else playing that role! Us!

I was talking to a girlfriend who got surprised by her husband when suddenly, after five years of being together, six months ago when he declared his uconditinal love to her, he said I don´t love you anymore, and there is nobody else. Of course there is somebody else, and he was smart enough to got settled down before leaving his wife. They can´t survive without us.

After this conversation I couldn´t help but wonder, why don´t we celebrate the divorce, or a wedding withyourself? We open a bank account for our sad girlfriend, who happens to be jobless, and we make her happy helping her, and proving that not all women are bitches! Let´s make a welcome party to all the new bachelorettes! It´s better to be alone than being with a parasite.

When you are alone you realized that you can have your little needs, fancy creams, boots, dinner with friends and admisnitrate the money without any problem. Your house is impeccable, the toilet it´s not splashed with those yellowish ugly pee drops from your man, the dishes are clean, you don´t have to deal with children that aren´t yours, the towels are hanging in their right spot, and the remote control it´s all yours!

Since I´m single, everyday is a party for me, and althought we don´t make welcome dirvorceé parties we always help each other and have tons of fun together. My sisters and girlfriends never disappoint me and my toilet is cristal clean with no yellowish pee drops.

Divorciada y sin un duro

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