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A great night with Erika Peña

My best friend Erika Peña decided to return to Puerto Rico. I was very happy because my true friends are scattered around the world and sometimes when you really need a friend, you realize that they are not around, and it sucks. Erika accessorized the Stella Nolasco’s new collection: lluminati. The fashion show took place in La Concha Hotel, Condado, and was a total success. Stella is one of the most inventive fashion designers in Puerto Rico. She and Erika have been working together for a long time.

Erika Peña designs jewelry, and she is a hard worker woman. We have been friends since we met each other. I remember the night I met her, nine/eight years ago, in Condado, and she was dancing a David Bowie’s song, and I thought: ” Wow! a girl who likes Bowie, that’s unusual around here!“. Our conversation started around Rock n’ Roll music and since then we have been best friends. Erika Peña is a great and magnificent fashion designer. How can I define her style as a jewelry designer? These are the words that come to my mind when I think about her jewelry: Organic, Beautiful, Defiant, Character, Original, Fashion, Strong, Ethnic, Nature, Unique, Independent.

Erika Peña is a strong and independent woman who loves the world, and that is well reflected in each piece of her jewelry.  She works every collection with such a strong passion and creativity that is reflected with a unique and beautiful style. Jewelry, bags, and boots are traveling the globe: Japan, Spain, USA, Puerto Rico, France, Australia, Austria, Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Mexico, Malasia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Germany, Greece, Israel, Ibiza, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Saint Tropez, England, Switzerland, Kuwait, Jordan, Dubai…

Our night was great, and we danced our shoes off surrounded by champagne bubbles and smiles.

I’m happy to have you here girl. Keep on rockin’ the world!

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