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Chanel N 5 “The board that I want”

Thank you Chanel for creating another beautiful and exquisite ad. Some people are already criticizing that the surfboard is not waxed, Giselle is not wearing a leash, it’s flat when she exits the water etc. Who cares? It’s a beautiful video advertising an amazing product with a great supermodel and an awesome costume design and art direction. The cover “You’re the One That I Want,” performed by Lo-Fang it’s to die for, I absolute it loved it. The story is beautiful, the surfboard design is amazing and her wetsuit is perfect.


I’m sure a lot of you are thinking why they didn’t use Alana, Stephanie, Silvana, Sofia, or Sally instead of Giselle? Its simple: Giselle is a SUPERMODEL, and she sells millions. Giselle can reach and inspire more girls into this sport and sell Chanel worldwide than any other woman. Period.

Surfers must be grateful to Chanel and other fashion brands to incorporate surfing into one of the world’s ten most powerful luxury brands. The luxury market has been growing significantly over the past couple of years and is still continuing on an upwards trend. Surfing is starting to shine within these powerful fashion brands and hopefully in the future will be placed where it deserves to be: treated, recognized and practiced worldwide like any other sports.

Thank you Chanel! You’re the board that I want!

My stunning cold, dark and starry nights.

My stunning cold, dark and starry nights.